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Origin Acoustics Introduces Commercial Speakers and Amplifiers

Origin RPO launches with in-ceiling, surface mount, and pendant speakers, along with a line of DSP-enabled amps.

Origin Acoustics has introduced its Origin PRO line of commercial-grade speakers and amplifiers. Derived from the success of Origin Acoustics’ residential architectural loudspeakers, Origin PRO has taken the same feature-rich product ethos toward the commercial installation market.

Origin Acoustics Origin PRO Amplifier

A complete line of high-performance Origin PRO speakers is available in three versatile form factors — in-ceiling, surface mount, and pendants — in three sizes, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch, as well as an 8-inch subwoofer for in-ceiling and pendant options. All Origin PRO models include certifications required by the commercial installation market. These models are available now.

Additionally, Origin PRO is set to introduce a robust line of full-matrix DSP-enabled amplifiers designed for reliability, efficiency, and flexibility in multifaceted commercial installation projects in Q2 2024. They allow for 2- and 4-channel options with power output ranging from 60-750 watts per channel, and power both low-impedance and 70v/100v speakers.

Origin Pro Amplifiers will be available in 2U and 1U half-rack versions.

  • 2U full-rack amplifiers deliver reliable total system power of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W.
  • 1U ultra-compact, half-rack amplifiers offer a space-saving solution when high-output is needed in challenging installations with total system power ranging from 125–500 watts. Automatic power sharing technology in the 60-watt and 125-watt amplifiers proportionally distributes power in both Lo-Z and Hi-Z and provides the utmost flexibility in system configuration.

Origin PRO Amplifiers with Dante will also be available for large-scale, professional projects where low-latency and system-wide synchronization are imperative, including concert venues, open-air shopping complexes, and houses of worship. Dante converges all connection types into one that is managed with software, allowing for creative design flexibility and expandability, seamless integration with other technologies, and reduced equipment costs.

An intuitive web app is built into all Origin Pro Amplifiers for system setup and customization by delivering DSP configuration options and tuning features, including multi-zone setup, input mixing, priority and ducking, restriction, input and output EQ, S/PDIF output routing, high-pass filter, speaker presets, delay, Sine generator, and more. Origin PRO amplifiers offer custom-made drivers for the most widely specified control and automation system brands, including Control4, RTI, Symmetrix, QSC, AMX, Crestron, and Elan.

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