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Origin Acoustics Partners With WiiM on Professional Smart Audio Solutions

Introduce four models in the new WiiM Professional CI Series product line.

Origin Acoustics has announced a strategic partnership with WiiM, a global technology brand that provides high-quality smart home experiences through accessible AI-connected products. Origin Acoustics and WiiM have joined forces to co-develop WiiM Professional CI Series products, designed to cater to both residential and commercial custom installations. Additionally, Origin Acoustics is becoming a distribution partner for all WiiM Home and Professional products across the United States and Canada.

WiiM’s expertise in streaming audio software and hardware has led to the success of several audiophile-grade music streamers — WiiM Mini, WiiM Pro, and its latest innovation, the WiiM Pro Plus.

Origin Acoustics - WiiM - Professional CI Series - Front

WiiM Professional CI Series

Origin Acoustics’ customer-first approach has enabled the company to provide insightful direction to WiiM, resulting in the co-development of the brand’s first-ever Professional Smart Audio products designed specifically for custom integration in residential and commercial environments. Each product within the new WiiM Professional CI series will feature audiophile-grade quality, user-friendliness, continuous support, compatibility with various control platforms, and profitability for dealers.

There are four new products from the WiiM Professional CI Series: WiiM CI MOD S1 single-zone streamer, WiiM CI MOD S4 four-zone streamer, WiiM CI MOD A-110 single-zone 110W amplifier, and the WiiM MOD CI A1-60 single-zone 60W amplifier. Noteworthy integration features encompass audiophile-grade ESS DACs, rack-mountable form factors, audio inputs, and subwoofer line outs. The inaugural batch of these products is scheduled to ship by the end of 2023.

Origin Acoustics - WiiM - Professional CI Series - Rear

Additionally, Origin Acoustics has been selected to distribute WiiM’s Home and Professional products in the United States and Canada.

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