DaVinci Group Develops In-Ceiling Soundbar

New Product Concept, called SKYBAR, Includes LCR and Satellite Options
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The DaVinci Group Inc. (TDG) has developed SKYBAR, an “architectural soundbar system” that can be installed in-ceiling or in-wall. This new system includes two models, the SKYBAR LCR and the SKYBAR Satellite.

These SKYBAR systems are the custom integration industry’s answer to the consumer-friendly soundbar all-in-one theater solution. But unlike a typical soundbar, the SKYBAR is designed to be mounted in a wall, ceiling or soffit for a cleaner more professional system installation.

“TDG’s SKYBAR System is the result of deep collaboration with TDG dealers, who told us that they needed a solution where the aesthetics of the installation require a lower impact design rather than multiple individual component speakers,” said Jeff Francisco, The DaVinci Group Inc. president and CEO. “With our new SKYBAR solution, integrators can fulfill their clients’ request and do so without sacrificing sound quality for a tremendous seven-channel home theater performance out of just three diminutive in-ceiling or in-wall boxes.”

With TDGAudio’s SKYBAR, integrators install three boxes — one SKYBAR LCR and two SKYBAR Satellites — to implement a full seven-channel surround sound system.

Within its 6- x 25 ¼- x 3 ¾-inches enclosure, SKYBAR LCR offers a full complement of six 3-inch, full-range drivers – two for the left channel, two for the right channel, and two full-range, and 1-1-inch pivoting dome tweeter for the center channel. The drivers are mounted on an angled baffle board, and the tweeter pivots to allow the sound wave to be directed downward toward the audience in an in-ceiling mount configuration, or left/right toward the audience in the case of an in-wall mounting situation.

Integrators have flexible connection options that allow configure of the SKYBAR LCR as either a complete left/right/center setup, or in the alternative, the entire unit can operate as one channel depending on the system configuration. In this way, more SKYBAR LCRs can be added for the other channels in a situation where the listening area is extremely large, for example.

TDG’s SKYBAR Satellite system is designed to add equally flexible configurations for side and surround channels. The same outer dimension as the SKYBAR LCR, the SKYBAR Satellite features two front-firing 3-inch side or surround speakers, and a third 3-inch reflecting speaker. The reflecting speaker is mounted such that it fires into an angled channel to direct the waveform either toward a wall or ceiling for more diffuse rear or height sounds.

Also like the SKYBAR LCR, the SKYBAR Satellite can either be configured to provide only surround channel information or both surround and rear channel information. Reconfigurations are accomplished by special connections on the back panel of either the SKYBAR LCR or the SKYBAR Satellite.

Estimated MSRP for the SKYBAR LCR is $1,000.

Estimated MSRP for the SKYBAR Satellite is $1,000.