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Halcro Ships Logic Home Theater Products

Torrensville, South Australia–The Halcro Logic Series featuring four multi-channel amplifiers and two AV surround sound processors began shipping in early June.

“The Halcro Logic Series was designed to provide the ultimate system solution in high-end home theater applications,” stated David Pope, vice-president of product development and marketing worldwide. “We’ve had a few minor delays with our release date of the SSP100 and SSP80 processors with the long list of certification testing, but that1s to be expected when launching such technologically advanced products.”

Pope continued, “Having booked over a million dollars in opening orders, many of those dealers had specified a dedicated Halcro Logic system, so from a strategic perspective, it was important to us to begin delivery only when the complete range was available for shipment. We are very pleased to be shipping products after such a long and expensive design project and look forward to great things with the Halcro Logic Range.”

Halcro Logic Surround Processors offer a complete solution for all the variables of home theater applications. The SSP100 includes four HDMI switchable inputs, while the SSP80 offers three. Multi-channel SACD and DVD audio playback is accomplished through an analog bypass. The Logic series is fully upgradeable and offers a USB connection for easy software upgrades as product enhancements evolve.

Key Features:
* 4 switchable HDMI inputs
* Built-in scaler to 1080P
* 7.1 balanced/unbalanced inputs
* 11 output channels including four special programmable output channels

Featuring LYRUS amplification technology, a new circuit design, which exhibits a low noise floor and low distortion, the Halcro Logic MC amplifier Series is available in seven, five-, three-, and two-channel models.

The LYRUS amplification modules can be removed via the rear panel for ease of service. With Ethernet and RS232 connections included as standard connections, the Halcro Logic power amplifiers can be manually controlled, through triggers or home automation software.

Additionally, Halcro’s Reliability Assurance Service program (HRAS) is an advanced automated alert system.

Key Features:
* 2-ch, 3-ch, 5-ch and 7-ch low distortion, high power amplifiers
* 350 and 400 watts per channel
* Automatic fault notification from unit by email to factory.

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