Honeywell Launches Wireless Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detector

Professionally Installed, Monitored Device Provides Life Safety Solution
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Honeywell has released its first-ever professionally installed and monitored wireless combination smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector for homes. The

5800COMBO is designed to be easy to install and helps to protect homeowners from multiple dangers through continuous central station monitoring, compared to unmonitored detectors.

The battery-powered 5800COMBO contains a built-in transmitter that allows central stations outside the home to monitor alarm events in the home—such as smoke and CO gas—as well as monitor for maintenance conditions. It alerts occupants to the danger and transmits a smoke or CO alarm signal to the panel when smoke is detected or when specified levels of CO are reached in the home.

“This detector provides a high level of false alarm immunity while quickly reacting to smoldering fire—that kind of accuracy is critical when it comes to saving lives,” said Mark Okeefe, product marketing manager, security and fire, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “This gives the dealer an easier path to offering dual capabilities in a single device, and more importantly, helps meet the needs of the consumer.”

The device uses both voice and visual display to alert occupants. Voice notifies the occupant of the threat and announces what action should be taken. A multi-color LED light ring is visible from all sides and angles, providing visual annunciation when there is danger. For example, a smoke alarm condition illuminates red, a CO alarm condition illuminates blue, and a tri-color status light indicates operating mode or if there is a maintenance condition that requires attention. Additionally, a built-in sounder provides audible annunciation with Temporal 3 or Temporal 4 alarm tones. These visual and audible cues intuitively help the user to quickly identify the alarm event for a rapid response.

From a technical perspective, the 5800COMBO uses a number of sensors to distinguish a real fire from a nuisance issue, such as burning toast. A photoelectric chamber senses airborne smoke particulates; its electrochemical sensor monitors for CO, a biproduct produced by slow smoldering fires; and an infrared flame sensor measures ambient light levels and flame signatures while thermal detection monitors for a rise in temperature. Automatic drift compensation and smoothing algorithms accommodate for dust build-up over time. These, along with a 10-year life CO sensor, help provide years of reliable service.