Ideal Reveals All-In-One Installation Testing Kit

Test Kit For Use in LAN, Data/Network, Coaxial, AV, Security Applications
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Ideal's Test-Tone-Trace Kit

Ideal has revealed its Test-Tone-Trace Kit, a tool for network installers and technicians to use when identifying wiring errors within virtually any type of VDV application with its. This all-in-one solution performs the essential cable testing functions required in the security, data/network, and AV markets.

The kit allows a technician to verify if new VDV installations are wired correctly; troubleshoot existing VDV wiring installations; test and identify all common errors in modular plug/jack terminations that lead to slow/no connections (shorts, opens, miswires, split pairs, and reversals); verify patch cables for proper wiring and continuity (RJ-45, RJ-11, F, BNC, RCA); identify shielded and 568A to 568B uplink cables; tone and trace entire cables, select pairs, or individual wires within a cable.

At the center of the kit is the IDEAL VDV Multimedia Tester. This versatile, handheld tester features an LCD screen to display pass/fail results and notification of wiring errors, which require repair. Its built-in tone generator has four distinct tones that can be used to trace coax, RJ-45, and RJ-11 cables, as well as any de-energized copper cable including speaker wires, alarm cables, and electrical wires.

An included amplifier probe detects tone signals generated from the VDV Multimedia Tester for cable identification and location. Other accessories are a built in F-port (coaxial), RJ-11 port (phone), RJ-45 port (data), and additional coax adapters to test BNC (security), and RCA (AV) coaxial cables.

The Test-Tone-Trace Kit will be on display at the ISC West Conference (April 6-8, 2016) in Las Vegas at IDEAL booth 33066, 33068.