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igloohome Introduces Smart Deadbolt 2S and Smart Keybox 2

igloohome has announced two new products – Deadbolt 2S Smart Lock and Smart Keybox 2.

igloohome has announced two new products – Deadbolt 2S Smart Lock and Smart Keybox 2.

The slimmest smart deadbolt in the world, according to the company, the new Deadbolt 2S measures at 11mm (less than 0.5inches) thickness for the front panel. It provides users convenient keyless access to their homes via Bluetooth keys and PIN codes. The Keybox 2 provides rental hosts a smart lockbox that works offline, without any need for permanent door alteration.

igloohome’s smart access solutions are managed via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, even offline, allowing for property management anywhere in the world. Start and end times for PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized, each time securing the property after use. Permanent PIN codes can also be created.

Access logs are provided to master owners, so that the dates and times of visitor access can be tracked, for greater peace of mind. Other key features for all igloohome’s smart access solutions include a security lockout mode, low battery warning, and an emergency power supply.

Unlike many other bluetooth locks, igloohome’s does not require the guests to download an app or register for an account. They can simply receive a PIN code from the host via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or through other communication channels.

Airbnb hosts can integrate their calendars with these solutions for the automatic generation of PIN codes for guests. igloohome also offers APIs and SDKs for project partners, such as hotel chains, allowing for the seamless integration of the access solutions into existing smart ecosystems. Further, igloohome’s encryption technology allows its locks to work without Internet access, increasing reliability against WiFi hacking.

Additional features of the Smart Deadbolt 2S include a tamper alarm, decoy security code, privacy mode, auto-relocking, and more.

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