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Ihiji Ships New Remote Monitoring Appliance

Ihiji is now shipping a new remote monitoring appliance, the APP-750.

Ihiji is now shipping a new remote monitoring appliance, the APP-750. The new appliance replaces its predecessor, the APP-500, which has been discontinued and is no longer available for shipment.

The APP-750 features an upgraded chipset for improved performance and a network bus that allows it to more accurately test modern ISP speeds from 100Mbps to nearly 1Gbps. The APP-750 has protected distribution—dealers buy direct and are able to set their own retail pricing. 

Engineered to accommodate current technology demands, the APP-750 offers a robust solution in a market that is increasingly demanding high-performance, flexible remote systems management (RSM) solutions. The APP-750 can be paired with either of the recently announced Ihiji Invision licensing plans. 

When the APP-750 is paired with a new Ihiji Invision Lite license, an integrator can monitor ISP uptime and speeds, and enable remote reboots of IP-based power distribution units (PDU), uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), and managed power over ethernet (PoE) at every jobsite with no additional increase in their monthly Ihiji subscription price. This pricing plan is designed to allow integrators to reduce warranty repair costs, and to provide a superior end-user experience, even for those clients who opt-out of a monthly care plan.

The new Lite plan also allows integrators to standardize on one remote management platform for all reboots, network monitoring, and systems troubleshooting. This not only saves technicians time, it also helps ensure the entire network landscape is considered as part of the troubleshooting process, for prompt and effective resolution. 

The APP-750 can also be activated under the new Ihiji Invision Standard tiered licensing plan to enable the platform’s suite of proactive monitoring and network diagnostic tools. This monthly subscription-based pricing plan allows dealers to recognize more meaningful operational improvements while reaching price points and profit margins that are in line with security monitoring contracts. So, as technology professionals increase their Ihiji Invision deployments, they will earn more recurring monthly revenue (RMR).