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Imerge’s S2000Mk2 SoundServer

Cambridge, UK–Imerge will reveal the latest developments to its SoundServer range of hard disk audio systems at the CEDIA US Expo in Indianapolis from 10th to 12th September 2004.

The new S2000 Mk2 will be launched at CEDIA US Expo; it offers both new hardware and software functionality.

The S2000 incorporates a TV interface with album cover illustration, up to three discrete outputs and three levels of storage capacity, 80, 160 and 250 GB. The S2000Mk2 improves upon the functionality of the S2000. The S2000Mk2 is available with up to four outputs and is compatible with Media Exports, including iPod downloads. It has a choice of Rip speeds, standard setting at 12 x real time and fast setting, 22 x real time and the audio is enhanced with a new audio personality module.

The M2000 now has a maximum storage option of 500GB and is now also supplied ready to fit into 19-inch rack mounts. Details of these exciting new product developments will be available on the stand.

As well as general SoundServer functionality and integration with leading 3rd party controllers, Imerge will also be demonstrating XiVA-Tacta for Pocket PC, a software application that allows users to operate any SoundServer using a pocket PC based PDA communicating over a wireless LAN. The latest version now allows for the control of the Netstreams Musica multi room control solution.

The NP 200 Networked Audio System will also be displayed at CEDIA. This device allows music to be streamed from the SoundServer over Ethernet and Imerge will be demonstrating the NP200 working over a wireless LAN.

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