InFocus Releases ScreenPlay SP1080; Affordable Entertainment Projector

InFocus Releases Budget-Friendly Entertainment Projector for Home Theatres
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 ScreenPlay SP1080, by InFocus

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InFocus has released the ScreenPlay SP1080, a 1080p high-definition, home entertainment projector that offers a cinema viewing experience at a competitively low price-point. This is the most economically priced InFocus projector released to date.

"HD big-screen entertainment at home is amazing but has been very expensive traditionally," said Dave Duncan, InFocus product manager. "The InFocus SP1080 gives a totally immersive experience with a giant image that's bigger than any TV, for a lot less money than other HD projectors."

The InFocus SP1080 projects images at 3,500 lumens to ensure movie watchers, sports fans and gamers enjoy images that are enormous and clear, day or night. The SP1080 also offers a 25,000:1 contrast ratio, which adds sharpness and depth to the image. It gives viewers the flexibility to calibrate it to their personal tastes with InFocus’ BrilliantColor technology, which allows them to adjust color output for display on a neutral wall, a projector screen, or another surface. It can connect via HDMI to the user's preferred content sources such as Blu-ray, cable boxes, satellite dish systems, video game systems, PCs, and Macs. The SP1080 also has VGA inputs.

The InFocus SP1080 projector is also 3D ready. Viewers need to acquire 144Hz DLP 3D glasses first though, like the XPAND 3D glasses InFocus sells separately, to easily synchronize with the image for a vivid 3D experience.

The InFocus ScreenPlay SP1080 is available now for purchase through InFocus resellers and directly from the manufacturer at for $549. For more InFocus SP1080 details and specifications or information on InFocus' other presentation and collaboration solutions, visit the InFocus Webpage.