James Loudspeaker Introduces Three Omni Planter Outdoor Loudspeakers

Full-range Loudspeaker Features Powder-coated Aluminum Form Factor and 360 Degrees of Dispersion
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James Loudspeaker has introduced three Omni Planter landscape speaker systems engineered for applications where in-ground solutions are not practical. Omni Planter speakers incorporate a down-firing subwoofer and deliver 360-degrees of sparkling clear entertainment.

All James Loudspeaker Omni Planter models accommodate a decorative plant of choice nestled into the top section of the all-aluminum powder coated loudspeaker enclosure available in an array of standard and custom colors.

James Loudspeaker's Omni Planter

James Loudspeaker's Omni Planter

Typical applications for the Omni Planter loudspeaker include rock-scape areas or any other environment where traditional satellite/subwoofer combinations cannot be installed. The Omni Planters are also appropriate for large open seating venues such as outdoor theaters that demand detailed and dynamic coverage as well as high-output.

Custom colors and configurations are available, including units without rear-firing satellites when situated in a corner or against a wall. Sturdy, tamper-proof brackets and bolts make the Omni Planter ideal for commercial applications and for securing to solid surfaces such as concrete.

There are three models available. The Omni Planter 89AT4-P 3-inch satellites/8-inch subwoofer are $2,400 (MSRP) each. The Omni Planter 89AT70-P (premium 70-volt version) are $2600 each (MSRP.) The Omni Planter 109AT4-P 4-inch satellites/10-inch subwoofer are $2,900 each (MSRP.) The Omni Planter 109AT70-P (premium 70-volt version) are $3,100 each (MSRP.) The Omni Planter 129AT4-P 6-inch satellites/12-inch subwoofer are $3,400 each (MSRP.) The Omni Planter 129AT70-P (Premium 70-volt version) are $3,600 each (MSRP.)

Made in Napa, CA, all James Loudspeaker Omni Planter speakers feature aircraft-grade aluminum construction. Omni Planter speakers are available in the company’s 15 standard powder coat finishes, or custom finishes if preferred, enabling integrators to accommodate each client.

“The Omni Planter series represents another unique and innovative solution created by the team here at James Loudspeaker,” explained James Loudspeaker CEO Mark Schafle. “Incorporating the beauty of matching flowers or greenery with a high-performance loudspeaker capable of delivering 360-degrees of entertainment is yet another tool for our network of integrators offering landscape audio to their customers.”

The James Loudspeaker Omni Planter loudspeakers are available now.