JVC Projectors Add 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP2.2 Compatibility

New Models Are Nearly 50 Percent Brighter Than Current JVC Projectors
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JVC's new line of custom installation projectors features models that are nearly 50 percent brighter than current JVC projectors. 

Two full-speed 18Gbps HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.2 provide connection to the latest 4K UHD sources, with support for up to 4096x2160 resolution, including HDR and 4:4:4 color sampling. The projectors’ performance is driven by a new high-power lamp and upgrades to JVC’s e-shift4 technology, a combination that delivers high brightness and 4K precision images.

JVC’s 2016 projectors are the Procision Series DLA-X950R, DLA-X750R, and DLA-X550R, as well as the Reference Series DLA-RS600, DLA-RS500, and DLA-RS400.

With the current expansion of 4K streaming and the next generation Ultra HD Blu-ray, JVC has incorporated of the latest HDMI/HDCP2.2 standard on both HDMI inputs. Two HDCP2.2 copy-protected devices can be connected at the same time. These latest HDMI inputs are capable of handling data transfer rates up to 18Gbps, which can deliver full-spec native 4K signals such as 4K60p 4:4:4, 4K60p 4:2:2/36bit, and 4K24p 4:4:4/36bit. JVC achieves a native contrast ratio of 150,000:1 (DLA-X950R/RS600) by combining a new optical engine optimized for usage with the JVC D-ILA device and a high-power lamp. JVC’s user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture further boosts dynamic contrast to 1,500,000:1.

JVC's e-shift4 technology provides 4K (3840x2160) images by shifting pixels diagonally 0.5 pixels at rate of up to 120 Hz, multiplying the resolution. JVC’s 2016 projectors further improve clarity with e-shift4 technology that is specifically optimized for the combination of 4K60p compatibility and high brightness, according to the company.