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Kwikset Unveils Control4-Ready Signature Series Motorized Deadbolt

Provides Control4 users access to remote locking and unlocking.

Kwikset has announced the availability of a new Control4 version of its Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect. Utilizing the Kwikset single-cylinder deadbolt as its foundation, this keypad-less lock is ideal for homeowners seeking the safety and peace of mind of a Home Connect solution who are already using or are considering a Control4 Smart Home.

As a Connects with Control4 certified partner, the new version for Control4 enables true remote locking and unlocking, allowing homeowners to access and control the lock from anywhere in the world, using the Control4 OS or Control4 App on a smartphone, tablet, or internet-connected device. As a result, they can lock a door while traveling for work or vacation, and can also remotely provide access to their home to service providers, guests, or other family members. Users can also receive notifications of the lock’s activity, as well as creating customized scenes within the home.

The Control4-ready Kwikset Signature Series Deadbolt is designed for consumers uncomfortable with keypad entry or who prefer the aesthetics of a traditional deadbolt. Besides its use as a highly secure front-door lock, it can also be a solution for extending connectivity to side and back doors.

MSRP for the Control4 Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect is $199 USD. The locks will be available through Control4 Dealers.

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