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LG Launches New Flagship OLED TV

LG Electronics USA introduced its flagship model in the OLED TV category, the 77-inch class LG Signature OLED TV, at a press event Thursday morning.

LG Electronics USA introduced its flagship model in the OLED TV category, the 77-inch class LG Signature OLED TV, at a press event Thursday morning.

The new 77-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (OLED77G6P) carries a suggested price of $19,999, and will be available for pre-sale through select retailers nationwide starting Saturday, with initial deliveries planned for next month. The 77-inch LG Signature OLED TV will be supported by LG’s new SIGNATURE CONCIERGE service, an exclusive one-on-one customer support and service program.

On Thursday morning, LG’s Tim Alessi unveiled the company’s largest-ever 4K UHD OLED display, the 77-inch 77G6. Featuring Dolby Vision HDR, and WebOS 3.0, the operating system on LG’s smart TVs, the display is planned to retail for $19,999, with deliveries anticipated to begin next month. Alessi also announced the company’s new support and service program for its high-end displays, LG Signature Concierge.
The 77-inch class (76.7 inches measured diagonally) LG Signature OLED TV is the flagship of the expansive LG OLED TV portfolio, which includes the previously released 65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) LG Signature OLED TV, as well as the LG OLED E6, B6, and C6 TV series.

“LG Signature represents the art of essence, the pinnacle of stylish design and innovation,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. “The new flagship 77-inch OLED TV further elevates this new category of television with a dramatic home entertainment experience that means consumers can stop watching and start seeing.”

Thanks to OLED technology’s unique ability to turn each pixel on or completely off, LG OLED TVs produce perfect blacks and flawlessly render crisp, vibrant colors and rich shadow details, even when bright objects are directly next to deep, dark areas (unlike LCD TVs, which have a halo effect from light bleeding). With 10-bit panels and processing, LG OLED TVs can render more than a billion possible color variations. What’s better is that OLED TVs deliver incomparable picture quality even from wide viewing angles. 

Beyond the technology, the LG Signature OLED TV’s “Picture on Glass” aims to set new benchmarks in aesthetic design with an exceptionally thin depth (measuring about one-tenth of an inch), a translucent glass back, and a powerful, forward-facing sound bar that doubles as a unique stand for an extremely low-profile bezel and stand. 

LG OLED TVs provide an advanced HDR experience with images designed to look more realistic, with more perceived depth and crisper, more vibrant colors. By starting from perfect black, LG OLED TVs are able to produce the required light ranges for HDR at lower peak brightness, resulting in a more comfortable HDR viewing experience.

In addition to including open-format HDR10, every 2016 LG OLED TV features Dolby Vision technology for an enhanced HDR experience. Using dynamic metadata to adjust color, contrast, and brightness on a frame-by-frame basis, Dolby Vision content boasts superior color accuracy. And, instead of HDR10’s one-size-fits-all approach, Dolby Vision mapping engine technology ensures that content is optimized to the TV’s capabilities. Already the preferred format for filmmakers and content providers, Dolby Vision is supported by all seven major movie studios and many streaming partners.

LG OLED and Super UHD TVs are the first TVs to be compatible with both core HDR formats, according to the company. This is important for consumers because it assures access to all the HDR content available today and peace of mind that their TV will handle new content to come. In addition, the entire 2016 LG OLED lineup carries the “Ultra HD Premium” certification, which identifies products that can deliver the high standards for performance and immersive experience as set by the UHD Alliance.

All LG OLED TV models come with the latest generation of LG’s webOS Smart TV platform, which is designed to make finding and switching between content options—including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices—simple and fast. With enhanced mobile connectivity, remote features, and more content options, LG webOS 3.0 makes it even simpler and more fun than ever for users to find and enjoy the content they want to watch, including a growing library of 4K and HDR programming. 

As an exclusive benefit to LG Signature OLED TV owners that register their product, LG Electronics USA is launching “LG Signature Concierge,” a 24/7 VIP-level service providing one-on-one customer support. LG Signature Concierge includes a welcome package, a personalized call to explain program benefits, remote service, priority dispatch, and windowless technician arrival which pinpoints the arrival time to minimize the customer’s wait time. In addition, upon registration of the TV, LG Signature Concierge members receive a $200 American Express gift card, an LG G Pad Tablet, and future access to special invitations.