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Indow Window Inserts Meet a Variety of Needs

Company produces six inserts that provide noise reduction, commercial strength, UV and light blocking, privacy, and more.

Window insert company Indow has six grades of window insert acrylic glazes that offer customers a choice in inserts that provide noise reduction, commercial strength, UV and light blocking, privacy, and more.  The winner of numerous environmental and green building awards, Indow window inserts have reduced nearly 80,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the U.S. and Canada.

Indow Window Treatment – Closeup

Each is a custom-manufactured sheet of acrylic edged with the company’s patented compression tube. They require no track or magnetic system that can damage existing windows. Indow window inserts are available in the following grade offerings:

Indow Window Treatment – Install

  • Standard Grade: Indow baseline product is a clear, nominal 1/8-inch-thick acrylic panel that provides a balance of comfort, efficiency, and noise dampening.
  • Commercial Grade: The Indow Commercial Grade features an extra abrasion-resistant coating to provide additional protection against scratching that may occur during frequent cleaning or moving, without compromising on the transparency of the window.
  • Acoustic Grade: The Acoustic Grade Indow window insert is specifically designed for noise reduction. The Acoustic Grade is perfect for recording studios or homes and offices in noisy environments such as high traffic or industrial areas. For operable single-pane windows, Indow Acoustic Grade reduces noise by 18.9 A-weighted decibels (dBA), which is the equivalent of a 70 percent reduction. The Indow Acoustic Grade reduces noise coming through a double-pane window by 10-12 dBA, the equivalent of a 50 percent reduction. Indow Acoustic Grade is also available in Commercial Grade, providing sound reduction and extra-abrasion resistance.
  • Museum Grade: Indow Museum window inserts provide protection for furniture, carpets, and artwork by filtering 98 percent of all UV rays from sunlight coming through windows, while providing the window transparency of Indow Standard Grade. This grade is designed for homes with valuable assets and galleries and museums that do not want to compromise on the beauty of natural sunlight to protect works of art and other valuables.
  • Sleep Panel (SP): Indow Sleep Panel Grade blacks out all light coming through windows, while providing the acoustic dampening and thermal insulation available with the Standard Grade inserts. The SP grade window insert is designed for light sleepers, night-shift workers, homes with young children, and home theater audiophiles.
  • Privacy Grade (PG): The Privacy Grade is a translucent acrylic glaze that diffuses light transmission while blocking details and defined shadows, making it perfect for restrooms, changing rooms, and other rooms that require privacy.

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