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Lutron Announces Integration with Ring

Lutron-controlled lights can now be activated by linked Ring devices, providing an opportunity for increased lighting control sales to existing Ring customers.

Lutron Electronics has announced a first-ever product integration with Ring. Now, lights controlled by a Lutron system can be set to turn on when a linked Ring device detects motion or the doorbell is pressed. Adding lighting to these events adds another layer of security and furthers the impression someone is home.

The new integration is supported by the Caséta by Lutron and RA2 Select smart lighting control systems, and compatible Ring devices.

Homeowners can set Lutron-controlled lights to turn on when motion is detected outside, have their front door and entry lights turn on when someone rings the doorbell, or utilize advanced motion settings to welcome guests to their family home with just the right light as they approach the front door.

The Lutron and Ring integration is easily customized, allowing homeowners to decide which lights are connected to their Ring devices and which ones will turn on during a Ring event.

For example, when the Ring Video Doorbell rings, the porch light and living room light can be set to turn on, but when the driveway Ring Security Camera detects motion, users can set the lights in the backyard and patio to turn on.

Homeowners can also customize their settings based on the time of day, so lights only go on during an activity between sunset and sunrise.  Customization is done through the Lutron app, available for iOS and Android devices and the Amazon Fire tablet.

Integration capabilities will be widely available September 30 via a Lutron app update.

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