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Orro Expands Connections for Third-Party Lighting, Plugs, and Switches

New integrations Extend Orro's intelligent lighting to Lutron Caséta, Leviton, LIFX, TP Link, and more.

Orro has announced new enhancements for its third-party lighting control capabilities, including connections to more connected switches, dimmers, plugs, outlets, and lighting systems. By detecting motion, sound, and light with its built-in sensors, Orro responds with the perfect amount of light, while learning and adapting lighting based on homeowners’ habits and preferences. The results include healthier, human-centric lighting that supports natural circadian rhythms, while reducing lighting usage by up to 80 percent. Enhanced third-party features now extend those same benefits and unified control through Orro’s switches and smartphone app to other connected lighting systems and brands, including Lutron Caséta, Lutron RA2 Select, Leviton, Kasa Smart by TP Link, and LIFX.

Orro Third-Party Enhancements

The announcement comes weeks after the introduction of Orro S, a sensor-enabled, intelligent dimmer that provides the same human-centric, adaptive lighting capabilities of Orro One Pro at a more affordable price point and without the added smart home control features. Combined with the latest software updates, Orro S can be paired with Orro One Pro and/or other third-party devices to create a unified lighting experience. Like Orro One Pro, Orro S includes the form factor of a standard light switch, requiring no changes to existing electrical systems or plans.

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