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PoEWit Releases Cloud-Controlled, PoE-Powered, RGBWW LED Wall Pack Light

The WP-6 boasts a CCT range of 2700K to 5000K, adjustable through PoEWit’s app-based interface.

PoEWit Technologies has launched the WP-6, a cloud-controlled RGBWW LED wall pack light powered by PoE.

The WP-6 boasts a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) range of 2700K to 5000K, adjustable through PoEWit’s app-based interface, ensuring optimal conditions for high-definition color recording by IP security cameras at night, as opposed to infrared-assisted black and white. Additionally, the WP-6 can display a vibrant spectrum of colors across the RGB scale, enhancing both its functional and aesthetic capabilities.

PoEWit Technologies WP-6 LED wall pack light

The WP-6 is compatible with PoEWit’s extensive range of PoE-powered sensors and triggers, including the MD-1 outdoor motion sensor, WS-2 wall switch, and IP-1 dry contact/voltage trigger, which enables a multitude of NC/NO contacts and triggers third-party devices, such as alarm outputs and NVR pixel detection changes. The WP-6 can also be set to operate on a daily schedule via the PoEWit app. The WP-6 is additionally compatible with Crestron SIMPL, Control4, and URC automation systems.

The WP-6 features an IP65-rated weatherproof housing and a commercial-grade, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that retains its clarity over time. The PoE-powered LED Wall Pack is offered as a standalone unit or with PoE Pass-Through, enabling it to supply power to connected devices, such as IP cameras and motion sensors.

For areas susceptible to power interruptions, PoEWit recommends powering the WP-6 with a PoEWit PoE Network Switch and backing-up the network with a PoEWit Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS will ensure uninterrupted operation, while the network switch can disable any non-essential ports, preserving backup power for essential lights and devices.

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