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Somfy and Crestron Partner to Deliver Automation in Outdoor Living

Integrators can now expand the Crestron Home experience to the outdoors with Somfy motorized rolling shutters, pergolas, awnings, and exterior screens.

Somfy and Crestron have announced a partnership to control outdoor and indoor motorized solutions. The Crestron Home driver for Somfy’s new TaHoma Gateway interface will allow the seamless control of smart shading solutions.

Somfy - Crestron

Recent events have driven interest in beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Homeowners want their backyards to function better for their needs while maintaining a “staycation” feeling. Motorized outdoor products can create spaces that react to time, weather, and environment to improve outdoor living and enhance satisfaction.

Crestron Home can now seamlessly control Somfy motors in pergolas with motorized louvers or motorized screens. Combine with other smart home solutions like lighting, music, and more to create a vacation atmosphere for homeowners without leaving the backyard.

Utilizing open and forward-looking technology means Somfy’s new TaHoma interface will maintain compatibility with the Crestron Home automation system now and in the future. TaHoma provides a single platform for Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) and Somfy’s upcoming Zigbee motors with a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Crestron also offers drivers and modules for various Somfy products including myLink, Somfy Digital Network Power over Ethernet (PoE), and a driver is upcoming for the Somfy Connect Universal Automation Interface Plus (UAI+).

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