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Lumagen Adds HDMI Inputs and Scale to Video Processors

Lumagen launched four new members of its Radiance video processor family, increasing HDMI input and the ability to scale.

Lumagen, a specialist in the design and manufacture of products for the home and corporate theater markets, launched four new members of its Radiance video processor family, including Radiance 2123, the Radiance 2124, the Radiance 2143, and the Radiance 2144.

Lumagen’s new Radian video processors.

Jim Peterson, Lumagen’s president, stated, “Our customers were asking for more HDMI inputs, and the ability to scale source material up to 4k60. All four of these new products increase the HDMI input count to eight, and two can scale SD and HD source material up to 4k60. This maximizes video performance by taking advantage of Lumagen’s proprietary NoRing scaling to scale film source to 4k24 and video to 4k60. Supporting all the features of the Radiance 20XX series, including Darbee DVP processing, the new Radiance 21XX series answers our customer’s challenge.”

The Radiance 2123 and 2124 support input and output rates of up to 1080p60. The 2143 and 2144 increase the output rate to up to 4k60 in 8-bit 4:2:0 format. The Radiance 2123 and Radiance 2143 support eight HDMI inputs, two HDMI outputs, a wired-IR command input, an RS232 command input, plus an internal USB-to-serial adapter. They are housed in a 1U rack mountable case. The Radiance 2124 and Radiance 2144 add two component inputs, two composite inputs with 3D comb filter, two analog stereo inputs, one optical audio input, and three COAX audio inputs, plus a COAX audio output.

With its extensive processing, setup, and calibration, feature-set the Radiance family is perfectly suited for refining and enhancing the images presented by front projectors, and top-level flat-panel displays. With the introduction of these new products, the Radiance family continues as the video backbone for the best home theaters and media rooms. Suggested retail pricing for the Radiance 2123, 2124, 2143, and 2144, is set at $3095, $3595, $3995, and $4495, respectively.