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New Video Doorbell from ELAN

Video Doorbell leverages IntelliVision video analytics and fully integrates with ELAN surveillance.

Video doorbells are becoming common smart home tools, allowing homeowners to answer the door from anywhere, either at home or away. But they often require a separate app, or do not fully integrate with the home control system. The new ELAN Intelligent Video Doorbell changes that, delivering a complete and seamless integration with advanced features that add to the intelligent home experience.

According to ELAN product manager Jeff Shaw, the new product’s intelligent features add peace-of-mind to the main access point of the home. “Answering the door from anywhere is just the start,” he says. “The Intelligent Video Doorbell integrates advanced motion analytics to accurately report real motion events rather than unimportant things such as swaying trees or passing shadows. This all but eliminates false alerts that cause many users of doorbell cameras to turn off the notices altogether.”

Adding to the intelligent home experience, the Doorbell’s camera acts as one of the ELAN system’s surveillance cameras, with video captured on the ELAN NVR. All of this is fully controllable from within the ELAN app.

The Intelligent Video Doorbell’s full integration with the ELAN control system enables integrators to create sequences of automated events, such as turning on lights when motion is detected during evening or nighttime hours. With IntelliVision analytics, the ELAN Doorbell offers improved notification on mobile devices, and event-based status notification.

Available in three colors — Satin Nickel, Anodized Black, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze — the PoE-enabled Doorbell features a metal faceplate, and its small footprint fits legacy ELAN door station mounting brackets for easy upgrades. The Video Doorbell is auto-discovered and auto-configured for integration into the ELAN system. Optional surface-mount kits are available in matching finishes.

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