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Niles Audios IC2 Home Theater Automation and Control System

The Niles IC2 Home Theater Automation and Control System is an affordable, versatile and powerful product that can automate a variety of modern home theater components, sources and devices and provide true one-touch operation of the most complicated home theater systems. It consists of a behind the scenes Home Theater Main System Unit (MSU) and a Zigbee RF wireless fixed button remote control that can synchronize, control and automate up to 16 devices.

The IC2 replaces the popular IntelliControl system, and incorporates several new sources, including DVR’s, cable boxes, media servers, lighting, drapes, DVD players and media center PC’S. Other upgrades include the ability to control up to eight home theater devices via RS232. Eight additional sources can be controlled via traditional IR. There is also more flexibility over relays and 12V trigger outputs and the MSU features an Ethernet port for outside communication and future upgrades.

The remote has eight Master Keys which can power on/off all of the connected home theater products. Each Master Key can be programmed with a sequence (macro) of up to 10 steps to automate complex functions with a single button press. Communication between the remote and Main System Unit travels on a reliable wireless Zigbee network where a single-button press is transmitted from the remote to the main system unit, which then issues the commands or macros to automate the system. Line of sight control (as with an IR remote) is not required.

Top 3 Features:
Intuitive Operation: One button control and automation of complicated home theater systems and peripherals like screens, drapes and lights via an intuitive, ergonomic big button remote control that can be operated easily and does not require the navigation of pages of nested menu’s.

Control of shared sources from a Niles Multizone system. Finally, the XM radio or iPod that functions as a source for the whole house audio system can be shared with the home theater receiver and controlled with a single button press from the IC2 Home Theater Automation System.

Reliable Zigbee RF communication protocol that transmits a single button press from the big button remote to the behind-the-scenes MSU that monitors and controls the home theater components and devices-even through walls or closed cabinet doors.