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Origin Acoustics Joins Portal Select, Offers Valet Amplifier As Exclusive

Portal partnership with Origin Acoustics offers Origin’s award winning products as Portal Select, including exclusive access to the new Valet Amplifier system.

Portal announced a partnership that gives dealers across the industry access to Origin Acoustics and iRoom products, including exclusive access to the award winning Valet Amplifier system. Through the partnership, over 200 Origin and iRoom products are immediately available to Portal users as Portal Select, which has been dubbed “Amazon Prime for the Industry.” Portal Select products ship for free, arrive within 3 business days or less, and in some cases pay additional rewards through Portal’s industry-wide rewards program.

“Origin is thrilled to offer our products as portal select,” said Nick Berry, executive vice president at Origin Acoustics. “We are always looking for ways to provide additional value and benefits to our existing dealers, as well as finding new and creative ways of putting our products in the hands of new dealers. This partnership does both.”

Portal offers a single platform for dealers to research, propose, and order all of their products on the web. Dealers who are approved to purchase from three or more industry suppliers get instant access to “portal select” products, which they can purchase immediately from participating suppliers without having to leave portal’s award winning industry web portal. Origin Acoustics joins dozens of suppliers making their products available as portal select, and is the first company to provide products exclusively to industry dealers through portal select.

“Origin’s focus on dealers extends past the installation genius of their products,” said Kirk Chisholm, CEO and founder of portal. “Origin is committed to helping dealers in all aspects of their businesses, including making it as easy as possible to do business. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Origin, and to help bring one of the coolest new products of 2017 to dealers.”

In addition to the over 200 Origin acoustics and iRoom products available as portal select, Origin is offering portal users to the Valet Amplifier system, which is set to start shipping this month. The Valet Amplifier was introduced this past CEDIA to critical acclaim in the industry, winning awards and generating excitement with dealers looking to leverage voice control from Amazon’s Echo

Dot with home audio systems. The Valet Amplifier is a patented system that “seamlessly integrates the Amazon Echo Dot into any multi-zone system to create an interactive voice control network that’s as easy to use as the best known consumer tech products.”

Joe Whitaker, who collaborated with Jeremy Burkhart at Origin to create the Valet Amp system, is a longtime Portal user. “Portal is an integral part of my business as an integrator,” he said. “With the power of portal select, the Valet Amplifier can be a tool in even more home technology Professionals’ hands. It’s a match made in industry heaven.”

Portal collects and organizes product data — including pricing, availability, specifications, videos, and more — by industry and category, then presents it in a comprehensive yet intuitive web catalog, making it easier for resellers to find what they need, build accurate proposals, and purchase products from all their suppliers in one place.