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ProVideoInstruments Debuts VeCOAX Ultra Pro

Single feed solution for combining video sources.

ProVideoInstruments has announced the VeCOAX Ultra Pro, which will debut at NAHB International Builders Show from February 19 – 21, 2019. The VeCOAX Ultra PRO combines video surveillance, cable, antenna, HDMI inputs, and other video sources in one stream, both coaxial or internet. The VeCOAX Ultra Pro can accept any video input that goes into a home then blends all of them together to send one single feed to each room.

The design behind the VeCOAX Ultra Pro removes the need to pull special additional cables or installation accessories, but relies on the existing cables installed, or cables already planned for the house. The VeCOAX Ultra is compatible with any high-definition television. The VeCOAX Ultra can be controlled remotely through a web portal.

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