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RTI Adds DISH Hopper Integration

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) has released a driver for the DISH Hopper DVR.

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) has released a driver for the DISH Hopper DVR. With intuitive control over a home’s electronic systems via RTI user interfaces, the addition of the popular video platform provides integrators with a new entertainment option for their clients. 

“The feature-rich Hopper entertainment platform is the perfect addition to RTI’s powerful home automation system,” said Frank DeFilippis, DISH manager of channel programs. “This integration will allow RTI dealers to deploy reliable control of our award-winning entertainment technology, including our upcoming 4K Joey, while delivering a great customer experience.”

The driver for the DISH Hopper DVR utilizes control via IP for seamless, reliable integration into the RTI automation system. Built-in auto-discovery tools find receivers on the network, speeding up the installation process for integrators. As a result, end users can easily manage their video content as well as in-house settings such as lighting, temperature, or security systems — without leaving their RTI interface. The DISH Hopper DVR allows users to record up to six shows at once, store up to 2,000 hours of content, watch live and recorded TV on-the-go via the DISH Anywhere mobile app, and more.

“We worked closely with the DISH team to develop this new driver, further expanding the integration capabilities for our dealer community while giving users an incredible entertainment experience,” said Brett Stokke, RTI director of communications. “Easy to install, integrate, and use, the DISH Hopper DVR is a natural fit for our portfolio of drivers.”

The DISH Hopper DVR two-way driver is available at no cost to RTI dealers on the company’s website in the Driver Store.