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Savant Announces IP Audio Music Server and In-Wall Invisible Speakers

Introduce new tools to handle customer music listening and décor needs.

Savant has expanded their entertainment offerings for custom integrators with new options for IP Music Servers and in-wall invisible speakers.

The brand new Savant IP Audio Music Server has been designed and manufactured by Savant from the ground up, enabling integrators to provide local content or streaming of music for their clients. The IP Audio Music Server works with Savant’s expanding family of IP Audio products to create a whole-house entertainment system in any zone by accessing the network. The IP Audio Music Server features Savant Music 2.0, an all-new music server experience based on software that includes improved speed, easier navigation, preset recall, song queues, and more. Savant Music 2.0 also features redesigned app control screens, making it easier than ever for users to navigate. Also brand new, an equalizer screen makes it a snap to fine-tune the sound on supported devices. Users will also appreciate access to their favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Tidal, and more, as well PLEX support for locally stored music.

Designed to be completely hidden behind the wall, Artison engineers have developed a technology that sounds rich and detailed, yet requires less amplifier power than traditional speakers. Using a soundboard much like a musical instrument does, the Artison Sound Surface speakers use resonances to generate soundwaves originating from multiple locations on the board, generating a broad frequency range with very small fluctuations in amplitude. This design delivers solid sound to conventional solutions while leaving the décor unimpeded.

Artison Sound Surface speakers are designed to be sheet rock mudded into the wall, allowing them to be textured for a seamless final install and invisible audio. The fully closed back design offers isolation from other spaces and the single-piece body is designed for simple installation into both pre-construction and retrofit options. Artison Sound Surface speakers can be installed outdoors under material like stucco or beneath decorative wallpaper. Available in 40- or 80-watt versions.

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