Screen Innovations Launches Cloud Dealer Tools

Designed as All-Around Business Tool for Dealers
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Screen Innovations (SI), has introduced a set of cloud-based tools designed to help dealers manage back-end business processes.

SI plans to transform its online presence, which includes over 6,500 unique business leads per month, into a funnel by which its dealers can capture, and follow until they turn into dealer profits.

Skyler Meek, director of marketing for SI said, “SI’s goal is simple: leverage every technology and innovation possible to grow our dealer’s business and simplify their lives.” 

SI cloud-tools are also designed to make it easier for dealers to manage all aspects of their accounts including accounting, billing, order tracking, and an overview of the entire history with analytics. It also features a built-in information hub, which will provide instant access to all collateral and materials such as spec sheets, brochures, instructions, and original 4K content for SI dealers to use in their demo rooms, all free of charge.