Securifi Launches Mesh Network Product Line

Almond Guard Line Features Network Router and Home Security Hub
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Securifi, a Wi-Fi technology provider best known for their Almond “smart routers” with touch screens, have debuted the Almond Guard, a 4th-generation mesh network-capable router that acts as a hub for smart home devices. More significantly though, it serves as a home security hub at a fraction of the price of traditional monitored security systems.

The hub can communicate wirelessly with sensors around the house, and Securifi is offering an end-to-end home security monitoring service that costs $10/month, compared to the traditional price of $50-60/month of similar products.

Securifi believes that the Almond Guard will change router and home security technology forever, and is launching an Indiegogo campaign on November 7 to offer steep discounts to its backers.

Almond Guard utilizes multiple signals such as Wi-Fi, GPS, ZigBee, and cellular from family members’ devices to intelligently arm and disarm their home at the right times. It does this by integrating home security, smart home, Wi-Fi mesh, and cyber security capabilities into a single robust system.

From a home security standpoint, Almond Guard works wirelessly with sensors placed around the home to detect burglars and other unusual activity. The free smartphone app allows the user to monitor their home anytime, anywhere. With built-in 4G and battery backup, the user will never miss an update from home. Because of the integration with Wi-Fi, Almond Guard can detect authorized smartphones entering and leaving the house.

It will automatically arm the house if it detects no one is home and will instantly disarm the house when any family member returns home, giving the user a completely hands-free and seamless home security experience. Almond Guard also comes with optional professional monitoring, with no contracts.

The smart home hub capability allows the user to control everything from lights to thermostats to smart plugs and hundreds of other compatible smart devices, all from their smartphone. It even works with Alexa, which means the user can just talk to their home and ask it to do stuff. Homeowners can also set simple and complex rules to suit their lifestyle.

The other benefit of the Almond Guard being connected to smart home devices and the wifi network is that we also offer digital security protection against threats like hacks and ransomware.