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Clare Controls Releases Feature-Packed Winter 2022 Update

Includes support for Hunter Douglas Shades and Lutron and Philips Hue Lighting, new Fusion Pro tools for partners, custom voice functions, and more.

Clare Controls has kicked off the new year with its Winter Update that empowers users with greater system control, enhances security features, provides dealers with new system management options, and adds 10 new drivers for native integration of more 3rd-party peripherals than ever before.

Clare Controls Winter Update

For end-users, a redesigned pull-down menu in the ClareOne Panel now provides instant access to control volume, screen brightness, and global voice and chime settings, plus info on Wi-Fi signal strength and LTE status. Additionally, the ClareOne Panel now offers custom voice annunciations so any zone can be given a custom name, and the system will automatically update the proper audio file for that zone.

Users also gain more accessibility through new language support for Canadian French and Spanish, along with more powerful user access to control voice settings, chime settings, sound tests, and custom voice files. An improved Emergency page provides detailed information on what will happen when an emergency button is pressed, based on the panel configuration.

The new update allows administrators and dealers to change primary users in FusionPro, enabling the setup of new primary and secondary users, emergency contacts, and updates to monitoring services, if applicable. Setting up central station monitoring is easier than ever thanks to a new ability to export a PDF summary of customer account information. Several compatible third-party integrations now offer the ability to turn auto-discovery on and off, making setup and maintenance easier. Adding cameras is simpler, too, with the ability to add cameras using IP addresses in addition to auto-discovery.

The Winter Update adds support for the new ClareOne High/Low Temperature Sensor, which is designed to alert owners when temperature thresholds reach above or below 40- or 100- degree ranges, saving thousands of dollars in potential damages from freezing pipes, spoiled storage items, or even dangerous conditions.

Seven new third-party window shades are now supported, allowing users to control the open and close status, vane tilt, and back panels through ClareOne. Brands include Hunter Douglas, Rollease Acmeda, Rowley Company, Shade Store, Budget Blinds, Timber Blinds, and Lutron Shades. The on-screen graphics now reflect the time of day, and users can program shade actions into their own custom scenes, schedules and automations.

The system now supports Z-wave door locks from Haven Connect, offering remote control for building access and integration into scenes, schedules, and automations. The company also integrated new third-party lighting drivers, allowing integrators to add Philips Hue (currently white lights only) and Lutron Caseta and RA2 lighting solutions to enable integration into scenes, schedules and automations.

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