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New Smart Apartment Technology from Arize

The new Smart Thermostat and Smoke Listener introduce added capabilities to Arize's all-inclusive smart apartment solution ecosystem.

Arize has launched its next generation of IoT devices, including the Arize Smart Thermostat, Arize Smoke Listener, and 2nd generation upgrades to existing products. The Smart Thermostat and 2nd generation products are now available for purchase at

Arize Smart Thermostat

Arize’s Smart Thermostat offers customizable batch scheduling, extreme temperature regulation, and works with 85 percent of HVAC systems. Users can personalize schedules, climate ranges, and manage energy costs while preventing damage from extreme weather.

“The smoke listener upgrades any smoke detector into an around-the-clock smart home solution, providing added safety and peace of mind to property managers and their residents,” says Chao Wang, chief operating officer at Arize. “The Arize Smoke Listener can identify smoke alerts from any ionization or photoelectric smoke detectors on the market and provide real-time alerts to users through the app.”

The 2nd generation Arize product upgrades feature:

  • Entry Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Water Leak Detectors:
  • New form factor for easier installation

Arize Smart Lock:

  • Digital friends and family (F&F) code sharing, maintenance/inspection code distribution for self-guided touring
  • Keypad locks after consecutive failed entries
  • Lock tampering alert
  • Connection port compatible with 9V backup battery

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