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Orro One Pro Connects Directly with Ring Doorbells

Connection allows for additional notification options throughout the home.

Orro has announced the ability for the Orro One Pro to connect with all existing Ring video doorbell devices. By connecting their voice- and touchscreen-enabled Orro One Pro with a Ring Video Doorbell, customers don’t need to have their phone nearby or be near the doorbell chime to receive notifications that someone is at the front door.

Orro + Ring Doorbell

“While Orro has worked with Ring for some time now via SmartThings automation, the feature was limited to certain models,” says Patrick Gall (PG), Orro’s head of channel development. “Our dealers said their customers love this option, but they asked us to simplify the process by providing direct connections with all of Ring’s video doorbells.”

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“We’re always focused on how we can improve the Ring experience for a wider variety of customers, making our devices as easy to use as possible, and giving them even more peace of mind knowing their technology is working harder for them,” says Matt McGovren, head of business development for Ring. “The ability for Orro customers to connect their switches to their Ring doorbell extends that peace of mind, so homeowners don’t have to worry about not hearing a chime or not having a phone nearby to hear their Ring app alert. Instead, the Orro One Pro switch will do the work for them.”

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