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One Firefly Expands Mercury Pro’s Customization Options

New features include a new array of design modules for the homepage and branded custom copywriting across all website pages.

One Firefly has unveiled a substantial upgrade to its website product, Mercury Pro. This advancement marks an expansion in customization features, catering to integrators’ requests for unique, personalized content and design across their websites.

One Firefly Mercury Pro

New features include adding a new array of modern design modules for the Mercury Pro homepage and branded custom copywriting across all website pages. This is a long-requested upgrade to dealers — branded, SEO copy 100 percent unique to the website and personalized to a company’s brand, voice, services, and customer profile.

Mercury Pro, a website solution recognized for its industry-focused content and industry-leading luxury lifestyle videos and imagery, has significantly transformed. The primary focus of this upgrade is to provide clients with an extensive array of customization options for crafting distinctive websites that accurately represent their brand identity and resonate with their audience.

Key Enhancements

  • Expanded Homepage Customization: The upgraded Mercury Pro offers an array of new design options across nine homepage sections, facilitating over 68 million unique homepage combinations. This extensive range of customization options empowers clients to create homepages that reflect their brand essence, values, and mission, setting them apart in the market.
  • Custom Copywriting: One Firefly is introducing new branded SEO copy for all Mercury Pro sites, ensuring each website features custom copy that authentically represents a client’s voice, core mission statement, and unique offerings. This tailored approach aims to increase the website’s value to search engines, differentiate clients from competitors, and enhance brand memorability.

Existing Mercury Pro clients will have access to these enhanced features, enabling them to elevate their online presence with unique and personalized homepage designs and custom copy. Additionally, all future Mercury Pro websites built by One Firefly will feature these expanded design options and custom copywriting.

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