Seymour-Screen Excellence Adds 4-Way Acoustically Transparent Masking Screen

Seymour-Screen Excellence Adds Acoustically Transparent True Aspect Masking Projection Screen to Product Offerings
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Seymour-Screen Excellence has unveiled a TAM-4, four-way, constant-area True Aspect Masking (TAM) acoustically transparent (AT) projection screen. The TAM-4 is fixed-frame design is available with either vertical (constant height) or horizontal (constant width) motorized AT masking.

The offerings feature Enlightor-4K woven-fabric AT screen surfaces, AT masks, and narrow 3.8-inch profile frame bezels finished in lush velvet.

According to Seymour-Screen Excellence managing director Chris Seymour, typically customers pay a huge price for four-way masking screens, namely oversized frames are used to accommodate the many motorized masking panel assemblies. This results in bulky looking screens and loss of valuable image area. Conversely, Seymour designed the TAM-4 around the same 3.8-inch wide and 5.8-inch depth frame used in the company’s two-way TAM screens.