SIM2 Shipping NERO 4 UHD Projector

Features New TI 0.67-Inch 4K DLP Chipset
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SIM2 is now shipping its all-new NERO 4 to customers around the world. This model made its world debut at CEDIA 2016.

“When we unveiled the prototype to our dealers at CEDIA, the reaction was amazing,” said Adam Gold, SIM2 USA VP of sales. “The combination of the new TI chipset, our precision optics, and advanced video processing produces an image that is truly stunning. We are very pleased to have delivered all back orders from the show in time for the holidays and now our dealers can order the NERO 4 and receive the product as needed.”

NERO 4 utilizes the new 0.67-inch DLP UHD 4K chipset from Texas Instruments to deliver 8.3 million pixels on screen. These must be displayed with absolute clarity, as the UHD format demands that every fine detail contained within the source material is conveyed with pristine definition. NERO 4’s pure-glass telecentric lens provides a resolution of 93 line pairs per millimeter to deliver exceptional on-screen clarity. Special coatings have been applied to the optical components to further enhance image and color performance.

NERO 4 is shipping now with an MSRP $30,000.00.