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Dynaudio Announces 4 New Products for High-End Munich 2024

Introductions include a new member of the Heritage Collection, a new active Confidence model, a super-Contour edition, and a unique collaboration.

Dynaudio will provide a first look at four brand-new products during this year’s High-End show in Munich, as well as showcasing new developments in its automotive lineup.

Dynaudio Heritage Collection - Contour Legacy

Contour Legacy Expands Heritage Collection

First up is a new member of the Heritage Collection. Contour Legacy is a floorstanding 2.5-way speaker that echoes the look of 2020’s Heritage Special. It tips a nod to the original Contour speakers from the 1980s and ’90s, while bringing everything up to date with Dynaudio’s latest drivers and acoustic technology.

It uses Dynaudio’s top-level 28mm Esotar 3 soft-dome tweeter (including the Hexis resonance-defeating inner dome); dual 18cm woofers derived from the Evidence range (then tweaked and souped-up to a higher level); plus a crossover packed with select premium components.

Contour Legacy is hand-made at Dynaudio’s headquarters in Skanderborg, Denmark. It’s finished in sustainable American Walnut, with each piece of veneer carefully chosen and matched for every individual speaker. The production run is limited to 1000 pairs worldwide; each comes with its own pair number for posterity.

Dynautio Confidence 20A Speaker

Confidence 20A Active Standmount Speaker

The new Confidence 20A is an active version of Dynaudio’s flagship Confidence 20 standmount speaker. All the listener needs to do is plug in their preamp (or use a source with a volume control) and they’re good to go. Confidence 20A is designed to be discreet — with the amplifier hidden inside the stand, and the controls on the back. Analog and digital connectivity is via XLR.

The speakers’ amplifiers are provided by Pascal, which also makes the amps in Dynaudio’s Core professional reference speakers. On the DSP side, listeners can configure room-boundary compensation filters, input sensitivity, tonal balance, and more.

And since Confidence 20A’s technology has been taken directly from those pro speakers, it means listeners can get the purest possible digital signal path. It’s possible to turn sample-rate conversion off for that straight-through path, or on for the best compatibility with digital sources.

Dynaudio Contour 20 Black Edition

Contour 20 Black Edition

Dynaudio’s long-standing Contour family has a new member. Contour 20 Black Edition is a premium version of the Contour 20i. Its tweeter has been upgraded from the Esotar 2i to a full-on Esotar 3, also found in the company’s Heritage Collection and its top-of-the-line Confidence range. It has improved motor and spider designs, and its crossover has been given a full makeover. Everything from resistors and capacitors to internal cabling and even wire coils has been given a boost.

Contour 20 Black Edition will be available in a mirror-like Black High Gloss finish, which nicely complements the black anodized baffle and the new black powder-coated tweeter front plate and mid/bass-driver basket.

Dynaudio The Bookshelf

Cross-Continental Collaboration: The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf is a joint project between Dynaudio, Keiji Ashizawa Design of Tokyo, and Karimoku of Japan. The collaboration explores the aesthetic relationship Denmark has with Japan (you might know it as “Japandi” design, from “Japan” + “Scandi”). Both countries share traditions in soft minimalism, respect for honest materials, and care when it comes to hand-crafted pieces.

The cabinet is made from Japanese oak that’s been sourced sustainably from the beautiful Hokkaido prefecture in the north of the country. The wood is dried and prepared for between three and six months at Karimoku’s facility near Nagoya, before being carefully cut, constructed, and finished at the company’s factory in Gifu. The design is tactile and organic (just try to resist running your fingers along the beveled ridge surrounding the top and sides), and the optional stand has been created to make the whole ensemble sit right at home in a high-end minimalist living room.

Up-top, The Bookshelf has Dynaudio’s top-tier Esotar 3 tweeter, and the mid/bass driver is the same as you’ll see on the flagship Confidence 20 standmount speaker. Inside the cabinet, you’ll see a Dynaudio crossover. It’s all been tested and tuned at Dynaudio’s HQ in Denmark — including being put through its paces in the world-class Jupiter measuring facility deep in the heart of Dynaudio Labs.

While The Bookshelf isn’t a limited-edition speaker, it will be rare and exclusive: Dynaudio and Karimoku expect only a small quantity to hit the shelves every year.

All four new products on display at the High-End show are preview models that will be launched for sale later in 2024 and might not be exactly the same in spec as you’ll see at the show. There will be information on prices in Munich.

Evidence Auto Sound System

Hi-fi isn’t just about listening rooms and easy chairs; a large proportion of listening is done on the move. That’s why Dynaudio will also be showing off its Evidence sound system in the Yangwang U8 luxury electric off-roader. Its 22 speakers and advanced user interface place the focus firmly on authenticity and sound that simply feels good: reproducing nothing but what was recorded in the studio, as simply as possible. You’ll be able to sit in the car and hear the system at Dynaudio’s automotive area outside Foyer 3.

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