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SnapAV Enters a Strategic Alliance with Clare; Relaunch Rewards Program

SnapAV is now the exclusive source for Clare product; relaunch Hoy Snap Partner Rewards program.

SnapAV has teamed up with Clare, a provider of security and smart-home automation products. The alliance makes SnapAV the exclusive source for Clare products.

Clare end-users can add security system monitoring that gives dealers the opportunity to earn recurring revenue without ever rolling a truck. Additionally, Clare handles system management and updates, so dealers spend less time on the road and more time increasing profits.

The synergistic effects of the partnership include increased service and support for dealer’s connected devices, fast shipping to anywhere in the country due to SnapAV’s network of distribution centers, and remote management integration with OvrC on popular Clare products.

Integrators can visit to learn more about SnapAV and Clare.

SnapAV has also announced the relaunch of Holy Snap, a program exclusive to Partner Rewards members that gives installers the chance to earn major rewards for purchasing SnapAV products, including cars, vacations, and SnapAV product credit.

SnapAV dealers who are in the Partner Rewards program and register for Holy Snap earn one point for every dollar spent in their eligible categories. The program runs from March 4 to December 20, 2019. After the program is complete, dealers can redeem the points they’ve earned for rewards.

Rewards range from kegerators, drones, grills, and MacBook Pros to luxury vacations such as Caribbean cruises and private helicopter tours of Italian wine country. In total, there are nine different point thresholds and 49 different rewards, with additional rewards being revealed monthly. Participating dealers can redeem their points on a major reward or several smaller rewards, either for themselves or their team members.

Last year, dealers earned over 36 million points that they redeemed for 224 vacations, 380 Apple products, and 778 SnapAV product credits.

SnapAV Partner Rewards members can start earning Holy Snap points by registering at