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Somfy Launches Oximo 50 RTS

Somfy Systems has launched the Oximo 50 RTS motor designed for residential and commercial exterior rolling shutters.

Somfy Systemshas launched the Oximo 50 RTS motor designed for residential and commercial exterior rolling shutters.

This newest addition to Somfy’s extensive range of patented motors features automatic end limit settings that can be adjusted from the point of control allowing users to easily set, control, and adjust where motion starts and stops. Additionally, Somfy’s Oximo motor has enhanced features such as being tamper-resistant, and obstacle and frost detection. It also continually monitors torque, which reduces motor stress and extends the life of the shutter.

“Somfy powered motorized window covering solutions have been making people’s lives more convenient, comfortable, and energy efficient for over 40 years,” said Tom Murphy, chief operating officer of Somfy North America. “Our newest exterior rolling shutter motor range, Oximo 50 RTS, expands the benefits of Somfy’s exterior motorized solutions with its easy to adjust settings and robust features.”

Oximo 50 RTS motors open or close rolling shutters throughout the day to help control heat loss or gain in a home or business. Additionally, they help protect windows from break-ins and weather-related damage through the use of rigid links that directly attach to the motor’s tube and prevent manual lifting of the rolling shutter. For an added sense of security, Oximo 50 RTS motors are equipped with obstacle detection and frost protection which respectively stop the downward motion of the shutter if it encounters an obstruction and prevents the upward motion of the shutter if it senses ice blockage. These features help prevent damage and further increase the life of the shutters.

Radio Technology Somfy offers a wide range of easy-to-use control options for the Oximo 50 RTS motor range. All hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, timers and sensors are compatible, and the motors can easily integrate with third party control systems.