Sonos to Upgrade Wireless-Multiroom System

Company steps up top-end Play:5 speaker, adding room-acoustics correction
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Sonos is raising the performance and price of its top-end wireless-multiroom speaker and bringing room-acoustics correction to its platform for the first time.

The speaker and Trueplay room correction will be available sometime later this year. For now, Trueplay requires the use of Sonos’ app for Apple mobile devices to tailor a speakers’ response to a room’s acoustic characteristics. The company didn’t say when the capability would be added to its Android app.

The new $499 flagship Play:5 single-chassis stereo speaker will replace the current $399 version, which was launched in 2009. The new model will add higher power and more drivers: three tweeters and three midwoofers in lieu of five drivers. Like before, two Play:5 speakers can be paired to operate as separate left-right speakers, but now the speakers can be placed horizontally or vertically when they’re paired, the company said.

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