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Triad Speakers and Auro Technologies to Demo Audio Products at ISE

Triad Speakers and Auro Technologies’ will jointly demonstrate a variety of audio formats including Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos At ISE 2016.

Triad Speakers and Auro Technologies’ Home Entertainment & Luxury Audio Product Division will jointly demonstrate a variety of audio formats including Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos At ISE 2016. The audio system will feature Triad’s Gold Monitor loudspeakers along with the Auro GalaxisAudio MENSA Sound Processor and StormAudio Class D Audio Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers.

“Whether it’s a movie or virtual reality gaming, [today ‘s] consumers are enjoying more and more options to be entertained on an immersive level,” said Mike Budd, international sales director at Triad. “While traditional surround does a great job of enveloping the listener, it’s limited to a horizontal plane, making it a thing of the past. So it makes sense that now in the world of home cinema, 3D audio is where it’s at, as it creates another level of realism.” 

 “The icing-on-the-cake is that with our processors and Triad’s height channel-enabled loudspeakers, immersive audio can be achieved with both Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and non-3D legacy audio ​content, making immersive audio now an everyday occurrence in home cinema,” said Yves Trélohan. vice president of home entertainment and luxury at Audio Product Division.

The demonstration will feature a variety of Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos content, including music pieces and movie content.

Triad will be using its Gold Monitor and MiniMonitor range of products, using its InWall and angled-baffle InCeiling versions to highlight the speakers’ audiophile sound quality and versatility for custom installation.

Completing the Triad system will be the InRoom Platinum subwoofer, which boasts an 18-inch low distortion aluminum cone woofer in a compact, sealed enclosure. The sub is powered by the RackAmp 600 DSP, which includes DSP functionality, calibration features, and combines class A/B performance with Class D efficiency.

Auro will feature its GalaxisAudio MENSA Sound Processor, which handles both traditional surround and immersive audio formats. The demonstration will highlight the optimization, correction, and equalization capabilities of the unit. 

Additionally, the StormAudio Class D PA14.200 and PA8.200 Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers will drive the system (all but the Triad sub). The amps are designed to produce maximum dynamic range and playback levels in large home theater and multi-room applications, with a total of 22 channels available with up to 400W capability.