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Tributaries’ Right Angle HDMI Connectors

Orlando, FL – Tributaries has developed its new Right Angle HDMI Adapters for components and TVs that are installed on a wall or in a cabinet, leaving little room behind the components for the various connectors.

The new adapters measure about 0.75 in width, height, and depth (plugged-in). The space-saving design gives installers and consumers peace of mind that their crucial HDMI connection will be secure.

Available in two models, the HDMI-A (ADAP-RAHDMIA) and HDMI-B (ADAP-RAHDMIB) will work with an HDMI receptacle oriented either up or down. The gold-plated metal part of a male HDMI connector has two horizontal sides, a longer flat side and a shorter flat side that has two square locking holes. Tributaries designates the models by the longer flat side; flat side up (HDMI-A = Flat-Up) or flat side down (HDMI-B = Flat-Down).

Both models are available now and packaged individually or in bulk-pack of 25 pieces with an MSRP of $20 each.