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UFO Promises to Bring Acoustic Transparency to Solid Screens

Audio Excellence to reveal how its UFO solution will create the illusion that sound is coming from the center of large TVs and solid film screens at ISE 2019.

At ISE 2019, Audio Excellence will unveil a new sonic concept for large TVs and solid screens that creates the illusion that the sound is emanating directly from the center of the hard-surfaced screen where in actuality the speakers are placed elsewhere in the room. According to the company, the solution is so unusual that they have named it “UFO” (for Unidentified Flying Object) as a tribute to the local RAF Bentwaters, England extraterrestrial incident of 1980.

Audio Excellence’s UFO is in keeping with the professional cinema practice of placing the center, left, and right channel speakers on the same horizontal plane and behind the acoustically transparent (AT) film screen.

UFO is from Patrice Congard, CEO of Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence, and, while he prefers to wait for the ISE event to completely reveal this solution (stand 1-Q110), he offered the following facts about UFO:

  • Audio Excellence completely developed and holds the patent on the technology.
  • Audio Excellence will market the solution as UFO.
  • UFO will be limited-range speakers with frequency response ranging from 100 Hz–20 kHz.
  • UFO is completely compatible with “classic” speakers that will be used as surrounds, subs, etc.
  • Audio Excellence will potentially consider a limited number of licensing opportunities.
  • The technology is scalable therefore licensees can achieve price points in-line with the segment of the market they serve.

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