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Key Digital Announces New Pricing Structure

New price points aimed at residential installations.

Key Digital has announced a new aggressive pricing plan to make strategic products more obtainable to a budget-minded residential market. Due to an increase in sales in residential and commercial vertical markets, Key Digital has created a cost-effective product line with a specific focus on the KD-S2x1X and KD-S4x1X 4K/18G HDMI switchers with optical, PCM, L/R, and balanced/unbalanced audio and IP control, KD-MS4x4G and KD-MS8x8G 4×4/8×8 4K/18G HDMI matrix switchers, with independent audio switching or de-embedding of balanced/unbalanced and PCM digital audio, the KD-X222PO HDBaseT extender set, and the KD-X444S extender kit ideal for residential installations requiring extension of HDMI signals up to 18 Gbps via a single CAT5e/6.

“With this competitive pricing plan, we’ve decided to target our strategic bread-and-butter products integrated widely by installers in the residential AV market,” says Masha Lakhter, Key Digital’s COO. “Of course, with our product line spanning the gap of versatility between commercial and residential installs, we expect to see an influx of installers of all classes taking advantage of our new product pricing. We are excited to make our powerful legacy more affordable, and to get our brand in even more residential installs.”

KD-S2x1X and KD-S4x1X are Key Digital’s 4K/18G HMDI switchers that feature push button and optical IR switching, status-monitoring LEDs, and support of HDR10, HDCP 2.2, and 4K. Designed for single-zone switching systems throughout the home and in theater and gaming spaces, KD-S2x1X and KD-S4x1X enable multiple video sources to connect to a single video display while L/R analog and TOSlink Optical audio de-embed ports may be used to feed audio of the selected source into amplifiers, DSPs, or sound bars.

The KD-MS4x4G and KD-MS8x8G feature HDMI matrix switching for four or eight HDMI sources to four or eight HDMI outputs and four or eight respective analog and digital audio outputs which may be independently controlled to follow the HDMI output selection or separately switched to accommodate a wide variety of usage applications.

KD-X222PO includes both the Tx and Rx and features signal extension of HDMI video and audio signals up to 125 feet at 4K 24/25/30(4:4:4)/60(4:2:0) using Cat5e/6UTP/STP cabling and up to 230 feet at 1080p /1920×1200 using third-party Cat5e/6 cabling. KD-X222PO supports 4K resolutions and HDR with a maximum signal bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. The KD-X222PO has Key Digital’s full buffer technology built-in. The product’s rotary controls on the transmit side allow installers to choose the desired EDID handshake to be provided to the video source and force Hot Plug Detection. By connecting into KD-X222PO Tx unit via common terminal software such as Putty or Teraterm, installers are able to use this problem-solving kit to collect full connectivity status.

The HDCP2.2 compliant KD-X444S HDBaseT Tx and Rx kit feature a slim chassis design with support of all of the latest HDMI standards for the latest digital video needs. The KD-X444S extender set joins a compliment of Key Digital products with full bandwidth support for HDMI 2.0A video specifications. To set it apart from its predecessor, KD-X444L, the KD-X444S is engineered with standard distance requirements in mind.

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