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New BenQ Laser Projector for Small- to Medium-Sized Golf Simulation Rooms

The full-HD, 3600-lumen LH820ST short-throw laser projector features 90 percent Rec. 709 color coverage for realistic golf course images.

BenQ has introduced the new LH820ST laser projector, which is designed to provide a user-friendly golfing experience for the growing at-home and commercial golf simulation market. Available for $1899 MSRP, the full-HD, 3600-lumen LH820ST short-throw laser projector features 90 percent Rec. 709 color coverage for realistic golf course images, 0.5 throw ratio, HDMI connectivity, 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use, and additional features for flexible installation.

BenQ Golf Simulator Laser Projector

“Golf sim has become mainstream, creating demand for laser projectors that are not only affordable but also work for small sim spaces and have great picture quality,” says Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ Education. “BenQ has been at the forefront of the golf simulation market since we introduced our 4K UHD LK953ST and WUXGA LU935ST short-throw laser projectors two years ago. The LH820ST checks every box for golfers wanting to put in a golf sim but are tight on space or wanting to update their existing projector for the best quality. It’s the first golf sim laser projector under $2000 offering incredible value.”

The LH820ST uses native 1080p full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, providing sharp and detailed images without downscaling or compression. BenQ golf simulator projectors reproduce the lush greens and vivid blues of golf courses. The company teamed up with color experts to develop an exclusive Golf Mode that optimizes color accuracy. This allows golfers to immerse themselves in pleasantly natural reproductions of the most popular golf courses around the world. With 3600 lumens, the LH820ST provides bright projection, allowing users to clearly see the image on the golf simulator screen even in bright environments.

The BenQ LH820ST is also works for golf sim rooms that need to double as media rooms. The projector’s laser projection utilizes a dual color wheel system that covers 90 percent of Rec. 709, the industrywide standard for color reproduction in HD video and movies. Users enjoy golf, movies, and games in perfect color. In addition, the increased color ratios and pure laser-generated RGBY hues enhance color saturation and guarantee superior projected image quality compared to lamp projectors.

For most golf simulation setups, a short-throw projector is key because it allows for projector placement where it is needed to fill the screen while being mounted safely outside the hitting area and without casting a shadow. This is even more important for small- to medium-sized golf sim rooms. With a 0.5 throw ratio, the LH820ST can project a 177-inch image (7.7-foot by 13-foot screen size or 86 inches by 154 inches actual viewable size) when placed within just 7 feet from the screen, as an example. It delivers a large picture without the expense of optional lenses. Also, the LH820ST is great for golf simulators that may require a floor-mounted projector due to space restrictions. The LH820ST also features an HDMI input for directly connecting the devices running golf sim software to the projector and ensuring no lag or signal degradation.

With digital shrink and shift tools, users can adjust the projected image by reducing and moving it by 0.5 percent. To counteract the trapezoid effect that can occur when a projector is installed or placed off-center, the LH820ST offers a 2D keystone correction range of up to plus or minus 30 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Corner fit control adjusts each corner for perfectly aligned image geometry. The projector also features screen fill, which allows the projector to switch from native resolution to best match the desired aspect ratio with maximized pixel counts while avoiding image distortion, all with just a few clicks in the on-screen menu. Users don’t need to go into graphics card or Windows display settings, which saves time and hassle.

Finally, like all BenQ projectors in its laser family, the LH820ST eliminates the hassle and cost of installing replacement lamps while providing long-lasting 20,000-hour light source life and beautiful colors. Every BenQ laser projector has an IP5X-rated, dustproof, sealed laser engine that eliminates the need for filters, perfect for dust-prone environments such as a garage or basement.

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