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Sanus Launches Full-Motion TV Mount for Large Screens

Designed for 42- to 85-inch displays, with 28 inches of extension, 67 degrees of swivel, and built-in device storage.

Sanus has announced the VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full-Motion mount. The mount is a premium-grade solution for installers looking to provide the ultimate viewing experience for screens ranging from 42 to 85 inches. With up to 28 inches of extension and 67 degrees of swivel left and right, this mount sits nearly flush when recessed at just half an inch from the wall and features an enclosure that provides convenient AV storage while maintaining a professional aesthetic.

Sanus VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full-Motion mount

The Sanus VIWLF128-B2 swivels up to 67 degrees left and right, reducing glare and enhancing the viewing angle. With 28 inches of extension, it maximizes swivel even for larger TVs while retracting to sit at just half an inch from the wall. Users will find it effortless to find the perfect viewing angle, thanks to SANUS’ exclusive, patented VirtualAxis fingertip-tilt technology, which allows TV tilting up or down with just the touch of a finger — no tools required.

Finally, the included in-wall box makes use of the unused wall space behind the display for storage of streaming, power, or audio components that’s practically invisible. The in-wall box fits between two 16-inch, on-center studs and features the capacity for an in-wall power outlet (not included) and six attachment slots with included Velcro to neatly secure components.

The Sanus VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full-Motion mount is available now for $349.99.

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