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XFTP by Trilithic’s Cable Mappers

XFTP by Trilithic is offering two new cable mappers to the XProTec line of installation tools. The new XProTec 20-way cable mapper and XProTec eight-way cable mapper are designed to map speaker, coaxial, or security/alarm cables. They can identify inaccessible installed cables or multiple cables in a bundle.

After attaching a cable mapper to the end of a line, the product displays the unique number of the terminator attached to the other end of the cable. Coax cables also can be identified by attaching the coax alligator clip adapter to the coax jack on the Mapper. For un-terminated cable, the installer can use the contacts for a quick easy read.

The eight-way cable mapper also features a built in toner for sending a tone signal on a coax cable, while the 20-way cable mapper features short circuit and voltage detection and warnings. Both units come equipped with alligator clips and F-connector contacts.

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