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Yamaha Integrates Into AV Receiver Lineup

MusicCast-enabled receivers can now be controlled by

The smart home is getting a brain boost with the integration of Yamaha MusicCast-enabled AV receivers into Custom integrators can now add Yamaha MusicCast-enabled receivers as a controlled component of a home entertainment system using the browser-based setup interface. The platform auto-discovers all AV devices on a network and natively understands multiple sources and destinations. This now includes over 40 of the industry-leading receivers from Yamaha.

Through’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP), users can conversationally request their home to execute any number of tasks. For example, the room awareness feature of the microphones enables homeowners to give commands like, “OK Josh, dim the lights, listen to ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones, and watch ‘Black Mirror’ season two, episode three.”

Earlier this year, became the first voice platform to add natural language control for multisource/multizone AV setups by adding support for distributed AV routing. This functionality has been a welcome addition for custom installers that want a natural whole-home voice-controlled automation solution.

The Yamaha integration with applies to all MusicCast-enabled AV receivers and is available now. is available through trusted home technology professionals.

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