DSI Systems Distributes Sales Rabbit Sales App

By RS Staff April 22,2014

For satellite TV integrators and custom retailers searching for a unique point-of-sale tool, DSI Systems has formed an exclusive partnership with Sales Rabbit that may worth a look.
 Sales Rabbit

Dallas-based DSI Systems, one of the largest consumer electronics distributors in the country and national distributor for DIRECTV, has begun offering the Sales Rabbit’s tablet-based sales app that provides retailers an opportunity to target, qualify, educate, pitch, and close their customers at the point of sale.

Since launching their business less than a year ago, Provo, UT-based Sales Rabbit has partnered with many of the top retailers in the country, including one called Xcite.

Jeremy Neves, Xcite president, stated that “Sales Rabbit provides our sales reps with an opportunity to build credibility and deliver an exceptional presentation to the customer along with sales management tools that gives us unprecedented access into our sales process and allows us to focus on effective area management, competition, and tracking metrics on a daily basis. All of this allows us to improve our close ratios on a daily basis like never before.”

Doug Robison, CEO and president of DSI Systems, stated that his company’s “partnership with Sales Rabbit allows us to offer our retailers the single-best opportunity for success in delivering a quality presentation to the end customer with tools like the competitive Bill Calculator that both educates the end customer and overcomes their objections.”


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