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Innovolt Hem-X1000

How do you rate the Innovolt HEM-X1000?
would rate the Innovolt HEM-X1000 an eight. In my opinion, there is nothing available in this price range that offers an event log detailing current spikes and dips, brown-outs (voltage spikes), and energy monitoring. The LED display is easily readable too.

For what applications is it best suited?
You can utilize the Innovolt HEM-X1000 for any application, from one-room audio to wholehouse integration. As part of whole-house integration, we are installing IP-based products. The biggest benefit to me would be to put the HEMX1000 into a rack. Because our industry is moving toward IP-based products, we need to maintain connectivity. Managing your power and being able to know whether we’ve lost power or spiked, etc., in a customer’s home can be a big help to our technicians when we are called back to the jobsite. This saves us from having to pay third parties thousands of dollars to do voltage and current management monitoring, after a client’s home is hit by some sort of electrical occurrence. Most surge suppressors don’t [recognize] if the occurrence was low-voltage, which can bring down IP-based products.

Describe its feature set.
Based on Innovolt’s certified CVSS technology, the HEM-X1000 protects sensitive digital electronics equipment from all types of power disturbances, including the rare lightning-caused voltage surge. All other types of more frequent power and voltage surges are continually protected by the HEM-X1000. Such disturbances are the root cause of equipment malfunction and failure. Independent of price, no other power protection device offers this level of protection. Additionally, the HEM-X1000 provides a smart power management control hub with energy monitoring, and a detailed history (Black Box function) of recorded power disturbances. By comparison, most other surge protectors and power filters utilize TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor) technology, which only protects against one percent of measured disturbances (short duration voltage surges) and provide no protection from current (amperage) events, leaving homeowners unprotected against 99 percent of the electrical disturbances occurring today. Incidentally, TVSSbased products lose any protection ability after the first lightning strike.

What features would you like to see changed or added?
The main feature that I would like to see added is the ability to remotely monitor the event log, monitor status, and reset individual outlets.