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Leon Speakers’ Plans for CEDIA EXPO

Leon Speakers will reinforce its new direction as a provider of high-fidelity, immersive custom audio solutions for luxury living-space and home theaters at CEDIA EXPO 2009.

The company’s Living-Space Theater is the intersection of high design and high-fidelity in the modern home. The concept includes everything from TVs above the fireplace to distributed audio in unsuspecting environments like the kitchen and requires audio solutions that meet the needs of decorators, audio-video integrators, and end users. Leon’s broad, customizable product line promises a high-fidelity audio experience that integrates into any room.

Leon’s AXIS in-ceiling speakers are housed in fully sealed, acoustic suspension enclosures that maintain consistent quality sound performance regardless of the environment. AXIS speakers feature Leon’s Acoustic Resonance Control technology, which eliminates unwanted standing waves for smooth, uniform frequency response. The speakers are available with six-inch or eight-inch drivers and 1-inch cloth-dome pivoting tweeters that allow users to control the direction of the sound and maximize sonic clarity of the room.

Leon’s AAROS 10-inch subwoofer features a durable 10-inch aluminum cone driver and high power handling at 400 watts in a compact enclosure that measures only 6.5 inches deep. The AAROS 10 is available with Leon’s new L3-1K dual-channel, 1,000-watt subwoofer amplifier, which delivers the power of a pro-sound amp but carries the features and flexibility of a dedicated subwoofer amp.

The Horizon 212-LCR-UT Ultra-Thin Soundbar Speaker is designed to complement the depth of the latest ultra-thin TVs. At only 1.5 inches deep and standing just 3.25 inches tall, the Horizon is the Living-Space Theaters audio choice. Each L/R channel features dual 2-inch, aluminum-dome Peerless HDS woofers for excellent sound dispersion and off-axis response, while Morel MDT-12 1-inch, hand-treated, cloth-dome tweeters provide quality sound in the upper frequency range.

The Horizon 414 and Profile 404 Series have been upgraded with new drivers and shallow cabinets, now featuring four-inch Peerless HDS woofers at a depth of 3.25 inches to complement the thinner profile of flat panel displays.

Leon’s certified theater systems can be easily configured according to the exact specifications of a particular room. By utilizing any combination of Profile or Horizon speakers for front and center channels, a pair of the new AXIS speakers, DETAIL on-walls, or VAULT in-walls for the rear channels, and the new AAROS, users can expect customization and ease-of-integration for any application.

Leon Speakers will also showcase its new SEVEN surround sound speakers. Each unit features a 3/4-inch think solid billet aluminum baffle providing rigidity to eliminate unwanted resonance and vibrations. The high-end drivers include handmade German Eton 7-inch HEXACONE long-throw woofers and Morel MDT338 tweeters.

Leon’s custom Horizon 616 100-inch plus over-sized multichannel speaker will also be on display. The speaker not only matches the exact width of a Stewart screen but matches its material as well. The Velux-wrapped speaker features Peerless HDS six-inch woofers and More1 MDT-29 cloth-dome tweeters.

At less than four inches deep, Leon’s AAROS A3-SUB showcases the possibilities of large bass in a small enclosure. It is designed for in-wall, on-wall, or in-room applications. It also features eight-inch low-profile Aura drivers which performs well alone or paired with Leon’s 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier.

The DETAIL Series of on-wall, bookshelf, surround sound speakers is timbre-matched to complement all Leon Horizon and Profile Series speakers. At less than four inches deep, the DETAIL Series speakers can be discretely placed throughout any room and aimed to enhance the imaging and 3-D soundstage.

The VAULT in-wall cabinets are fully sealed and acoustically dampened to deliver uncompromising sound quality. The cabinets can be easily installed pre- or post-construction and are available with a magnetic grill cloth which can be customized to match any dÈcor. The speakers are equipped with high-fidelity, timbre-matched 4-inch or 5-inch drivers and one-inch cloth-dome tweeters.