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Phase Technology Enhances Soundbar Selections

Phase Technology is offering enhancements to the Teatro V-3.0 and Teatro PC-3.0 Soundbar loudspeakers.

Now offering a wide, dynamic soundstage and easy installation features, the Phase Technology soundbars bring movie theater dynamics and levels to the front three channels of a user’s surround system along with a clean, aesthetically pleasing look.

The most significant enhancement is the addition of Phase Technology’s proprietary Spatial Field Expander circuitry, which when combined with drivers mounted on each end of the soundbar moves the acoustic center of the right and left channels beyond the physical cabinet to produce a very wide soundscape.

“Our soundbars do not sound like a typical single soundbar speaker; rather, they sound like three of our high quality box speakers set across the front of a room,” said Ken Hecht, Phase Technology president.

Also new is the availability of custom grilles that can be ordered to match the width of the customer’s flat panel display. These grilles complement the Teatro’s unique level mounting system which allows the installer to easily adjust the tilt and height of the speaker for precise alignment with the flat panel display.

“With our precision mounting system and custom grilles, integrators can quickly complete a seamless installation that looks like it took hours to set up,” Hecht said.

Another unique feature of the Teatro Soundbar loudspeakers is a front panel switch that allows the user to engage Phase Technology’s EVT Enhanced Voice Technology circuitry in the speaker. This circuitry increases intelligibility across voice frequencies, making it easier to understand dialogue in a movie or other program.

Each Teatro Soundbar measures 40 inches wide, seven inches high and 4.5 inches deep. The Velocity Series V-3.0 includes 5.25-inch VDT woofers and one-inch soft dome tweeters, with a satin black finish and black grille; the Premier Collection PC-3.0 provides 5.25-inch RPF solid piston woofers; 1.5-inch soft-dome midranges and one-inch soft dome tweeters in a high gloss black finish with black grille.